banterpixra is a tool to generate syntax diagrams from BNF-esque grammars. It's written in Chicken Scheme, and outputs the diagrams in SVG.

As it is distributed as a Chicken egg, just type chicken-install within the source directory to install it, or (without a source directory) type chicken-install banterpixra to install the latest stable release.

The grammar language is simple, as is the command-line syntax.

See the banterpixra grammar in ./banterpixra.ruleset for a sample of the grammar (that also happens to document the grammar format itself, and the banterpixra command-line arguments).

The resulting diagram is ./banterpixra.svg

The name "banterpixra" is Lojban for "language artist", and is pronounce something like "ban-tare-pihra". The name was chosen due to my intention to use banterpixra to produce syntax diagrams for the Lojban langauge. By Lojban contention, banterpixra should never be written with a capital first letter.

Version history