Kitten Technologies

This repository contains the Hyde source code for the Kitten Technologies web site at and the Fossil skin (that uses the same CSS as the master site) for all the public Fossil repos. The script exports the skin from this repo and imports it into all my project repos, then pushes the lot to the live server.

To create a new fossil, use the tool.

To publish it, put it in this repo:<NAME>/doc/trunk/<NAME>.release-info

To do new a release of a project:

~/personal/projects/kitten-technologies/bin/generate-download-page <NAME>

How the RDF stuff works

Each project (including this meta-project) has a METADATA.rdf file.

This is accessible via the URL:<NAME>/doc/trunk/METADATA.rdf

This is linked to from every HTML page generated by Fossil (check the <head>).

The RDF URL of the project itself is just the main project page:<NAME>

The master script auto-generates the meta-project's METADATA.rdf, with a few basic declarations but mainly links to the project METADATA.rdf files.