Magic Pipes

mpls [-R|-r filter-proc] path...

Examines one or more paths (and, if recursion is enabled, also paths found within subdirectories amongst the paths) and outputs a dirent sexpr for each. If not paths are specified, then the contents of the current directory are used.

If -R is specified, it recurses into all subdirectories.

If -r is specified, then it recurses into subdirectories matching the filter procedure. This procedure is passed a dirent as its only argument.

Please note that mpls takes its arguments literally - ls does all sorts of stuff about recursing one level into directories listed on the command line that mpls eschews.


mpls /etc/* | mpmap dirent-path
mpls -R /etc | mpmap dirent-path
mpls -R /etc | mpfilter dirent-symbolic-link\? | mpmap dirent-path