Ugarit Archive Metadata Schema

Any symbol can be used as an archive metadata property name, but here are some suggested ones, defined for the sake of interoperability.

Where possible, we have used the Dublin Core vocabulary, as it's a good fit for the kinds of things archive mode is designed for. Properties imported from Dublin Core are identified with a dc: prefix.

Some of these properties are automatically applied by the import process. However, if these properties are specified in the import manifest file, then the specified value from the manifest overrides the default.

Import properties

These are properties applied to an import object, rather than to an individual object in an archive.


These properties are all provided by the system itself, and must not be specified in an import manifest.

previous (hash)
The hash of a previous import. If there is no instance of this property, then this is the first import in a sequence. If there are more than one instances, then this is a merge.

contents (hash)

The hash of the imported archive manifest. This is probably not of much interest beyond the Ugarit internals.

mtime (number)

The UNIX timestamp of the import.

log (hash)

The hash of the import log file.

stats (alist)

An alist of import statistics.


The path to the manifest filename that was used for the import.


The hostname on which the import was performed.

Core object properties

These object properties apply usefully to almost anything in an archive.