Ugarit 2.0 release notes

What's new?

Archival mode [dae5e21ffc], and to support its integration into Ugarit, implemented typed tags [08bf026f5a], displaying tag types in the VFS [30054df0b6], refactoring the Ugarit internals [5fa161239c], made the storage of logs in the vault better [68bb75789f], made it possible to view logs from within the VFS [4e3673e0fe], supported hidden tags [cf5ef4691c], recording configuration information in the vault (and providing instant notification if your vault hashing/encryption setup is incorrect, thanks to a clever idea by Andy Bennett) [0500d282fc], rearranged how local caching is handled [b5911d321a], and added support for the history of a snapshot or archive tag to have arbitrary branches and merges [a987e28fef], which (as a side-effect) improved the performance of running "ls" in long snapshot histories [fcf8bc942a]. Also added an sqlite backend [8719dfb84f], which makes testing easier but is useful in its own right as it's fully-featured and crash-safe, while storing the vault in a single file; and improved the appearance of the explore mode ls command, as the VFS layout has become more complex with the new log/properties views and all the archive mode stuff.


Ugarit 2.0 uses a new format for tags and logs, as well as the whole new concept of archive tags. As such, the vault format has changed. Ugarit 2.0 will read a vault created by prior versions of Ugarit, and will silently upgrade it when it adds things to the vault (by using the new formt for new things, and keeping the old format for old things). As such, when you upgrade to Ugarit 2.0 and start using it on an existing vault, older versions of Ugarit will not be able to read things that Ugarit 2.0 has added to the vault.