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Performance profiling
User & Date: alaric 2017-04-12 14:33:24

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    I've done some speed trials of a single 93MiB file from my laptop, locally and via ssh to anger.

    I snapshotted the file twice, so the second time the blocks already exist.

    Local, sqlite backend: 5.489s / 0.971s

    Local, splitlog backend: 5.467s / 1.090s

    Anger, sqlite backend, internal disk: 71.972s / 2.025s

    Anger, splitlog backend, internal disk: 77.204s / 2.031s

    Anger, sqlite backend, USB disk: 71.803s / 1.825s

    Anger, splitlog backend, USB disk: 64.665s / 2.123s

    Clearly, the big problem is going via ssh to anger. Let's try ssh to localhost and check it's ssh rather than anger.

    Localhost, sqlite backend: 14.882s / 3.188s

    Ah-hah. Seems anger is at fault!

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